Date of Application:

    Name of the Trust/Society:

    Location Applied for (City/State/Country):

    Population in the city/town where the school is going to be located:

    Have you identified or purchased a site?:

    If yes, the Area of the land:

    Built-up Area (If any) :

    Owner(s) of Land :

    Your relationship with the Owner:

    Is the site available for immediate occupation?:

    Status of Land: School / Agriculture / Commercial / Residential / Industrial /Other: Please Specify:

    If the land is not for school purposes then can the Land Use be changed? :

    Kindly attach/email photos of the site:

    If no, how long will it take to locate one? :-

    Initially, the target students will be mainly from:
    (Please specify target area)

    The target area has a population of:

    Number of English medium schools in the target area:

    Name of the School:-

    Area of the School (acres):-

    Established in the year Number of children:-

    Monthly Fees Charged:-

    Considering this, our school should be able to charge a monthly fee of


    Expenses planned initially:-

    Funds that you can generate over a period of 2 years :-

    Percentage of this investment to come from your own capital? :-

    Sources of Funds to meet above expenses:-

    Loans (indicate source) :

    Own Capital:

    Other Sources (If from other sources, please specify the source):-

    When would you be able to start school? :

    If you are applying for a running school to be converted into Muskan International School
    Please attach details of infrastructure, school report, balance sheet, faculty with qualifications, number of students, year established, monthly fees, etc
    Affiliation [ ] NO [ ] CBSE [ ] ICSE [ ] others
    Website address (if any):

    Principal Contact Person for communication:

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