Chairman's Message

The road that leads from the village to city is the same road that leads from the city to village. I just decided to reverse the traffic!

Belonging from a family where my grandfather was the first chairman of Kantabanji, I always had a dream of doing something for the development of Kantabanji and people around. Over the years I have seen many students including me who have to migrate to other cities to quench their thirst of learning and acquiring quality education.
After completing my education and having worked for big corporate, I came back and thought of developing our own town. I figured out that if u really want to instill strength n enlightenment in a society, then improving education and it’s quality is the basic fundamental need.
With this mindset we came up with the institute that will be capable of greing true knowledge and enrich humanity in the child- Muskan International School

– Dr Brajesh Mittal
BCom, LLB, CA (Inter),
MBA, BEd, PhD (Hon)